Sorry about the gap … (mind the gap)

Many of you know that this blog was spammed…

… it has taken me a long time to get over it and do something about it.

…the anti-span software plugin for WordPress seems to be handling it, now.

Work on the BuckyBot has continued.  The prototype crawls now.  I’ve been working on the extruder.

The main impediment has been a disastrous water-leak right over my RepRap printer – rendering three stepping motors dead.  But, recovery from that is almost complete, now.

In the Winter of ’16 we plan to go to crowd-funding, barring other developments with the program.

Re-vamped web pages are underway for .


MegaStructures Found by Kepler Telescope ?????

MegaStuctures in orbit may account for the regularities (or irregularities, depending upon your perspective)  in the light curve of a star – as measured by Kepler.  Here is a link to a story in The Atlantic:

For the more scientific of you, here is a peer-reviewed paper describing the light curve of KIC 8462852 somewhere near Cygnus:

Maybe Bucky, like Elvis, didn’t die … he just went home ….